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Yee-Ning Tan


United Security Solutions

Yee-Ning Tan is a global sales and marketing executive who endeavors her whole career in advising, analyzing and introducing new and innovative business opportunities for major Asian clients.
A native of Malaysia, Yee-Ning was born in Johor Bahru. She graduated from the Foon Yew High School before entering the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, the National University of Singapore in 2000. Three years later she graduated with a double-degree in Social Work and Chinese studies. Yee-Ning then received a full scholarship granted by the Ministry of Education China to further pursue her studies in the Fudan University Shanghai, major in the Master degree of Journalism.

After receiving her comprehensive education in various fields, Yee-Ning decided to join the dynamic security and consultancy business, started her career with Hill & Associates, a leading consultancy company that operates throughout the Asia Pacific region. Her clients included banks, audit firms, pharmaceutical companies and global manufacturers. Yee-Ning spent about a year in Shanghai with Hill & Associates, of which helped her to shape a better understanding of the local business climate in China.

In 2009, Yee-Ning was approached by a UK-based risk consultancy company – Stirling Assynt – and started to focus more on the overseas Chinese business and investment, based out of Hong Kong. Since then she has been working closely with major Chinese clients like CNPC, Sinopec, CNOOC and others. Her efforts were key to unlock the overseas opportunities for the Chinese clients, helping them understand and mitigate the operational and security risk in the difficult business environments, namely in Mid East, East &West Africa and Central Asia. Another major focus of her business includes the provision of high-end security trainings, for example Hostile Environment Awareness Training, Crisis management and Counter terrorism trainings.

In September 2011, Yee-Ning joined the largest security company in the world, G4S, as the key business development account manager for Asia Outbound business. In an industry that is dominated by male and ex0military personnel, Yee-Ning managed to excel and led the global business platform, with a strategy focus in the oil and gas and construction markets in high risk regions. Given her outstanding performance in developing new business in high-risk regions, she received the G4S UK & Ireland Excellence Awards in the category of Customer Focus in 2012. She was the global account executive for major Chinese clients like CNPC, Sinopec and Huawei. In November 2014, the Asia Outbound team that is led by Yee-Ning signed the global Master Services Agreement with Huawei, becoming the preferred security provider to Huawei globally.

In Nov 2016, Yee-Ning was approached by a new security company, United Security Solutions, to become the new CEO. Yee-Ning adopts the new risk management business model and develops the security market in most of the emerging markets. Whilst setting up the business practice she also develops the charity programme that goes in hand-in-hand with the business in the countries where their business operates.

Fluent in Chinese Mandarin and English, Yee-Ning has an incredible talent in identifying business opportunities in emerging markets, and providing immediate responses to both opportunities and risks. She has a proven track record of capturing the changing global business and understanding the innovative Asian business.