The Future Is Female | Melissa Lim: The Future is Female Conference – The New Savvy x SGX
A women-only personal finance, empowerment and lifestyle conference. You are empowered and ready for a positive change. The time is now. The future is female, and you need to be ready.
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Melissa Lim


Co-founder & Marketing Director
Ladyboss Asia

Melissa is co-founder and head of marketing at BiTS, a cloud-based ERP software company launched in 2015 which helps SMEs stay ahead with digital innovation by automating processes, increasing productivity and reducing costs. Her clients consist of SMEs across all industries who see the value of using technology to empower their workforce. At 28 years old, she has founded three companies.

She is also the co-founder of LadyBoss Asia, a content website which highlights the successes of female entrepreneurs and business leaders and connects the community with networking events. She is passionate about empowering youths and women. In addition to her multiple roles, she volunteers at Myanmar Youth Empowerment Organisation to assist with their marketing matters.