The Future Is Female | Christina Tarigan: The Future is Female Conference – The New Savvy x SGX
A women-only personal finance, empowerment and lifestyle conference. You are empowered and ready for a positive change. The time is now. The future is female, and you need to be ready.
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Christina Tarigan


Brand Navigator

Like Gandalf, except much much younger and better looking, Christina is someone whom clients regard as a steady source of wisdom, guidance and protection. Armed with intuition, intellect, empathy and optimism, she provides strategic navigational services for brands, inspiring them to journey with her to their next reality.

Client roster includes players in finance, tech and retail – Schroders Investment Management, Coin Street / Bitcoin Exchange, Brunei Bank, Ascendas-Singbridge, Her Velvet Vase, Huone, Nanyang Optical, Organic Eve, Pubmatic, DST Brunei and TP-Link.

When not maneuvering the tricky terrains of the here-and-now and the utopia of what-can-be-tomorrow, Christina enjoys holidaying in Middle Earth, where she hones her magic, checks out Hobbit real estate and refuels her imagination.